Live Life To The Fullest (Mental Health Issues At Bay)


Have you ever looked what is binary options back at your life and realize that there was nothing that you did that you could say was exciting or fun? Maybe you were reminiscing, and you realized that nothing significantly bad or good happened. Everything was just okay. That could be because you could not live life to the fullest, and now you are sitting there with no stories to tell your kids or grandkids.


Family Holidays Are Fun


Being in the great outdoors is always relaxing. You get to hear the birds chirp and the wind what is the binary options market rustling the trees. Best of all, you get to take a break from the busy bustling of the city, and you get to unplug from the gadgets that run your life. It would be a great holiday to spend with your family, right? Just you and your family by the lake swimming and fishing and doing all these things that you do not normally get to do when everyone is stuck at home.


Better Manage Our Anxieties During This Pandemic

All of us commonly share anxiety and stress during this pandemic. what is a binary options broker Honestly, that is normal. It represents our unwarranted responses to all the uncertainties, threats, and adverse outcomes that we hear almost every day in our neighborhood, news, as well as social media. That explains why we feel so ramped up because we somehow lose control of ourselves. We sometimes can’t find the right outlet to let go of our emotional and mental stress. Gladly, there are ways we can better help ourselves.


Continue To Engage With People

The primary antidote for stress and anxiety is social interaction. But with the safety measure of social distancing, it becomes quite impossible to be around with other people. With that, we have to be creative when it comes to communicating with others. But note, we have to focus on creating a safe connection. Meaning, we have to interact with those people who can uplift and encourage us to face the situation with a positive outlook. During this pandemic, we need to secure our overall well-being by avoiding toxic people that can influence us and make us feel hopeless and unmotivated. Because as of now, what is entirely essential is the emotional and mental safety that we find when we have a genuine connection with those people we care about and vice versa.


Consider Things We Can Control

Being stuck in a prolonged state of the pandemic threat can cause us to start conflicts with others, make bad decisions in life, and further isolate ourselves from the world. To avoid that, we should be ready to take the necessary actions. But first, we need to determine what the things we can control are. So if by exercising daily, regularly cleaning our homes, buying and using hand sanitizers help us feel calm, then we go for it. We need to remember that it is our in-action that keeps us in a heightened emotional state. We have to provide ourselves better reasons to stay positive amidst the uncertainties of the global pandemic.


Reflect On Better Things Around Us

Understandably, dealing with this pandemic situation is not easy for everyone. We suffer pain and agony of always thinking about what might happen next. But if we think about it, it is merely a small portion compared to those individuals who are already lost their chances of winning this pandemic battle. There are those people who are now financially incapable of supporting their everyday needs. Then there are those trying to survive and fighting for their lives in some of the hospital beds. Also, some are grieving with the death of their friends and family due to the virus infection. So when we think about all those things, we are lucky that most of us are still getting by. And that is something we should be thankful for.


Hope For A Better Future

The adjusting phase is not yet over. We are still in the middle of figuring out how we can continue living with the new normal. That is why, in a stressful time like this, we need to get a hold of a lot of insights and resources that can hopefully make us feel emotionally and mentally stable. We have to put in mind that things will soon be over. Perhaps not today, but soon it will come to an end. We will all live our lives peacefully again without the anxiety, stress, isolation, and depression.

But for now, we have to focus on the important thing: getting mental help to get through all this (preferably from BetterHelp). Try your best to survive this whole pandemic situation with a balanced emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual state.

Living At Home With Five Kids During The Pandemic


As a single mother of five kids, I am trying my best not to lose my mind. The kids and I are all within a two hundred fifty square meter home with four bedrooms and a tiny space for dining and living area. Our kitchen is out back, to what I call the dirty kitchen. It is not dirty as the name explicitly says, but that’s what my grandma says it is, and so I copy it. We are in lockdown right now. All businesses and establishments are closed. It means I am with my five kids 24/7.


Protected: An Introduction To Trident’s Technologies

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Education 101: School Systems’ Problems


You do not need to look through the entire school system only to find out that there is something wrong with it. On most occasions, the problem is visible. Just imagine this; you send out your kids to school to prepare them for the real world.

However, the pacing is changing genuinely rapid. There is the fast-developing technology along with improved societal network connections. Honestly, there seems to be no issue with that because children in the current generation are more adaptive. However, what is not changing is the school system’s problems. “Curriculum because, despite all of the arguments for other so-called innovations for reforming the horrendous state of public education, an effective curriculum is an essential contributor to actually providing a quality education and closing the oft-mentioned achievement gap,” explains Jim Taylor, Ph.D. “A superior curriculum provides students with the knowledge and tools (metaphorically and literally; more on that shortly) to go on to college, establish a career that provides a living wage, and become responsible citizens.”

The Sad reality

For hundreds of years, our school system hasn’t changed that much. With the current educational system, the mere goal of schools is to create employees in the future. Meaning, those industrial lessons somehow focus on training students to become better factory workers. No offense meant on that statement, though.

But the industrial age mentality is the one that keeps students from thinking outside the box. The thing is, learning is not about mass control and mass production. It should have to be a creation that supports evolution. But the school system ignores that fundamental idea of growth. What is more unfortunate is that people do nothing about it.

Schools educate people by batches. Perhaps it is due to the convenience and easy way of getting students to understand one particular subject. All-day long, the students do nothing but follow the rules and instructions. That is how the schools’ program students to function.


A funnier thing is that these individuals are being rewarded with their behavior and sometimes not with their performance. You see, these are the goal of schools potentially making robots out of humans. It is like setting up an idea that progress is only obtainable by doing things that were told.

Making Ends Meet But Still Not Working

In today’s developing generation, the industrial age is trying to adjust itself in modern ways of learning. That is good because there is the reality that the stagnant process of teaching is nowhere efficient anymore. Though there are schools that still practice the industrial age learning process, there are some that adapt values and creativity.

It is where schools are making ends meet by allowing students to communicate and express their ideas. There is the encouragement of collaboration and multiple behavioral approaches.

However, kids who are starting to learn do not often achieve that growth. That is because the school system still processes the industrial age values where students should focus ONLY on following instructions. Judy Willis, M.D., a board-certified neurologist and middle school teachers says that it is vital for students to be “…engaged and motivated to put effort into learning at school by connecting their classroom studies to their interests.” She explains that, “Connecting them through personal relevance to the topics they study results in less boredom, and the opening of the neural pathways through their amygdalae to their upper, intelligent brains where true learning and creative thinking take place.”


So imagine how the students can go far from just following orders and instructions. Every minute of children’s life is essential in learning and adapting. So when it gets tightly controlled by a system that dresses up as an educational advantage, there is no room for improvement on that matter. “Since everyone was to learn the same things, it made sense to have children sit in rows in a room listening to the lessons from the teacher reading the lessons in a book, and then be tested, all with the same test, to make sure they had learned what they were supposed to learn,” Boston College research professor Peter Gray, Ph.D. wrote. He adds, “Since a major goal of schooling was to make children obedient, it made sense that schools were set up so that the primary task of every student was to do, unquestioningly, whatever the teacher told them to do, in the way that the teacher told them, at the time that the teacher told them.”

Life in school is different for those children who want to learn and live their lives. Honestly, not all will agree. But the educational system is trying to send the world boring, demotivated, and unencouraged individuals.

Things You Shouldn’t Do When Starting A Business (Part II)


Yes, you can usually get a lot of advice that seems too generic. A lot of entrepreneurs can potentially help you understand how businesses work, as well. You can learn from these people’s experiences and all.

But the examples of errors that you can learn from these business owners are more important than anything else. These are the things that allow analysis and explanation of why businesses fail, especially the startups ones.

Jumping In The Wrong Partnership

Perhaps you already heard a lot of people say that the way to grow your business is by getting into a partnership. Yes, that is true. A lot of entrepreneurs are working hand-in-hand with different people who share the same vision and mission as them. But what creates a problem is that when business owners often jump into an untimely partnership.

Not because people are interested and capable of learning things that you can do; it does not give an assurance that the business connection you will make with them will last. A lot of things can happen, and when the business fails, that is where the partnership also crumbles. “As distinct firms, you will not share all the strategic objectives of your partner, and it would be dangerous to assume that your joint strategy is the same as your individual strategies. Remember that what unites you is the end product and the promise of mutual gain,” Jeff DeGraff, Ph.D. explains.

You need to understand that being in a business partnership is like marriage.  You will have to live and deal with the other person’s possible cases of being incapable, incompetent, and unreliable.

Operating In A Bubble

It is not wrong to figure things out yourself. Honestly, you need to do it from time to time. However, it is not okay that you allow yourself to find solutions in the bubble. If you want to grow as an entrepreneur and create an impacting business, you need to learn to understand your emotions and mental strength.


No, you do not always have to put in a good face to save yourself from the opinions of others. A lot of entrepreneurs will advise you that you should always stay firm with your emotional and mental state. However, you do not always have to. Kimberly Key, Ph.D. explains, “Fear of those looming statistics that say you’re probably going to fail. The inherent and pervasive fear from kicking off an entrepreneurial venture can activate your primal brain to protect you and make you abandon your venture (either through procrastination of a needed but dreaded task, overwhelmed helplessness, poor relational functioning, etc.).”

It is okay to breakdown and cry for the whole stupid reason for not finding a solution. You do not have to pretend that you are not struggling in your business. It is okay not to know what to do. You can always think about something at some point.

Starting A Product

As much as you want to achieve a growing business, the idea of starting a product often leads to getting back with money issues. If achievable, you have to think about getting profitable as soon as possible.

So if you are trying to build a company that produces products, you might want to consider the effort, time, and money you will have to spend. Consider that it can wait and hang in the air.


“People who are generally more trusting are also more likely to invest in the market. Those people who are less trusting are less likely to invest in the market,” says John Nofsinger, Ph.D., a scholar on behavior and socially responsible finance. You may hear a lot of business companies that investing a lot of cash is the right way. However, that is the failing stage of the beginning. The idea of putting too much on the line often results in you having nothing to keep.

Starting up a business can be easy and complicated at the same time. But the right and realistic lessons are the ones that will get you there.

Things You Shouldn’t Do When Starting A Business


There are so many videos and articles that you can find on the internet that tells you what to do when starting a business. Perhaps, you already tried working and doing some of those tips. However, the process is not always about knowing how to start something. Sometimes, understanding things that you are not supposed to do is essential than anything else.

Choosing The Wrong Reason For Business

A lot of company owners fail not because they work on the wrong business, but because they choose the wrong reasons for starting it. Yes, that is correct. Individuals attempting to build an empire on types of businesses that only revolves around money often fail in less than three years. But that doesn’t mean that money is not vital because it still is.

However, it is NOT the most critical factor that will bring the business to the top. It is the passion for serving, doing, and creating things that matter. It is not about how much you can earn by investing. It is more on how much you can give without sacrificing quality.

Julia Moeller Ph.D., says that, “passion is considered a desirable trait in all fields related to achievement and performance, such as work, entrepreneurship, management, learning, and sports.”

Making A “So-Called” Perfect Plan

Before getting into a business, a lot of entrepreneurs spend time and effort in creating a perfect business plan. Some seem obsessed about creating an ideal layout that they think guarantees them a hundred percent positive outcome.


These entrepreneurs are trying their best to know what they will do before launching their business. However, the thing they often forget is the result of their assumptions. Honestly, business is NOT about what you can “perfectly” provide the customer. It is always about what they want.

“It takes a lot of hard psychological work to realize that our pursuit of perfection is in vain. First of all, no one is perfect; no one has it all. Second, even if we could be perfect, it wouldn’t get us where we really want to go,” Jennifer Kunst Ph.D. wrote.

Spend Money

Not all business entrepreneurs are excellent in making money, but all of them are great at spending. These are spending expenditures that, in a way, entrepreneurs think are beneficial to their business. If you are trying to understand the business, you have to set your business spending limits.

“In a world of scarcity, choosing one thing means giving up something else. When we spend money on one thing, it’s money that we cannot spend on something else, now or later. So there is an opportunity cost to everything we do,” Shahram Heshmat Ph.D. explains.

No, you do not need a website, office, or business cards. You honestly do not need anything. You only need to hustle and get out there and start talking with the customers. Always remember that you do NOT need money to make money. You have to work.

Trying To Start A Business Alone

Even if you think you are in a position to work with your business alone, you cannot do it. There is no way you can accomplish growing your business all by yourself. You need people to help you and somehow do some of the jobs.


That is, regardless if you are best at doing it or more productive in working on it alone, you need someone to take your place from time to time. Understand that running a business is a lot difficult when you want to make a significant impact. Do NOT do everything yourself.

To become a successful business owner, you have to list down the things you should do. But it is also essential to recognize the ones you should not.

For Your Health Care: Take It One Day At A Time


There is nothing wrong with continuously making progress and trying your best to be productive every time. Honestly, it can be an excellent start to a more fulfilling career, relationship, and life.

But working on your desire runs in a stringent process, and it won’t just result successfully. Sometimes, it can result in unexpected things, as well. Therefore, you can never rush it. You might want to take things one at a time.

Overall Health Matters

“Self-care is one’s action is around our physical, emotional, relational, perhaps professional, educational, and, for some people, spiritual well-being that reflects the way that we take care of ourselves on the most fundamental levels,” says Helen L. Coons, PhD. The reason why you need to take a break from time to time is not to get rid of the emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion. Honestly, it is about the increase in these aspects to allow you to function twice as much you can handle.

Yes, a pause from doing something so draining can help you maintain balance. That is the reason why you often need to practice it, especially on occasions that you feel pressured, depressed, and anxious. Life can give you extreme scenarios, which can sometimes become too much to handle.


There is this natural impulse that you may encounter every time you experience failure, loss, and agitation. It crawls inside you and often creates a distraction for you not able to think accordingly. Why? Because there is stress everywhere, and most times, it is not helping you at any cost. Philip Barr, MD, an integrative medicine physician at Duke Integrative Medicine explains that “If the stress side of our nervous system is overactive, it literally affects every tissue in our body. Any kind of disorder that is already going on in that organ system can be made worse by stress.”

“With all the advances in technology, it’s easy to forget that we’re still dealing with a very primitive brain pattern that is hardwired to protect us at all costs,” explained Dr. Heidi Hanna, Ph.D of the American Institute of Stress. “If we think we don’t have enough of something — whether it’s time, energy, money or other resources like social support — the stress reaction system is activated.” With the process of taking things one day at a time, it reminds you that your enemy is not entirely the world. Instead, you are facing the worst of yourself for that matter. You are battling with your hopes and difficult emotions that your life stressor tends to bring. Admit it. In times of pressure, you try to limit your capacity in doing and completing things to the horizon of the day. You regret wasting time because you feel you can do more in the span of a night.

The truth is, you can’t, and you will never can. The more you glide yourself and force it to do more in a short period is not at all beneficial for your overall development. You are only trying to expand the agony of your physical, emotional, and mental states.

Think About This

Yes, it is always okay to think positive and trust yourself with your abilities. However, you have to understand that knowing your limits is also essential for your growth and health. Remember that improvement seems best achieved when you managed not to force-fit things in a small box and that a productive mood still requires a quiet and peaceful horizon.


It is not that accessible to ward off the temptation of mania and rage and jump into moderate steadfast. Of course, some people might handle that, but not all appear blessed with that kind of potential.

Even that is not a sweet escape. But if you managed to take things one day at a time very carefully, you will make ends meet. That is a guaranteed method of keeping your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental strength functioning in the right positions.

The wisest move is to get BetterHelp therapists on your case. They can help you understand why you have lost yourself and give you tips on how to put your life back on the correct track.

Psychologists Approve: Know 2 Outstanding Businessmen In Different Parts Of The Globe And Get Inspired By Them


Psychologists tend to say that we need people who can set a positive example in our lives. Some folks interpret it by thinking that only their friends and family members are all they need, though. In truth, even the individuals you have not rubbed elbows with can be your role models. Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D. says that, “As adults, we tend to give little thought to the idea of having a “role model,” as we regard this to be a quality that children seek from the adults in their lives.” Think of these two outstanding businessmen in different parts of the globe, for instance.

Marc Sparks: More Than Just A Serial Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is one of the select individuals on the planet who has shown through his relentless perseverance and willingness to acquire new ideologies that a person’s success does not entirely depend on his or her educational attainment.

Growing Up Years

Austin, Texas is a dear place for Marc Sparks for this is where he was raised and had simultaneously received his high school diploma in 1975 and began to lead or create new businesses. Even though not all of these initial startups were profitable, more than three decades already passed since then, and those failures made up the whole formula that resulted to the achievements that he is and will be experiencing.

His Companies

Marc Sparks deserves to be called as a serial entrepreneur since his innate brilliance has led him to own various companies that remain to do well for years. The first one, the Timber Creek Capital, was established in  2000. This is a private equity firm whose specialty is offering entrepreneurial aid to a wide range of industries. The services that they can deliver include (but are not limited to) web development, graphic design, bookkeeping, office equipment, and marketing.

From Timber Creek Capital’s conception, Marc Sparks continued to purchase or build notable firms. Some of the companies that are associated with him are:

  • Splash Media, which specializes in providing marketing services that make use of technological advancements, as well as a search engine, optimized keywords;
  • Cobalt Real Estate Services, which offers commercial and residential spaces within the state of Texas;
  • Blue Jays Wireless whose ultimate focus is on giving people with credit card issues the opportunity to call and text others through prepaid devices; and
  • Cardinal Telecom, LLC, which distributes mobile phones nationwide.

Besides, a couple of his latest businesses are the Bonn Oir, a manufacturing company that creates artisan vodka, and Uncle Marc Food Delivery that aims to help restaurants bring their consumers’ orders faster.


His Philanthropy

As a self-made entrepreneur, Marc Sparks ensures to share his blessings to the underprivileged, especially in Texas where The Samaritan Inn, a shelter that caters to homeless people, lies. He also helps send individuals who want to change their lives for the better in school and is humbled whenever the news about the great kind of life they are leading reaches him.  Emma Seppälä Ph.D. wrote that, “Sharing our joy increases joy.” She adds, “To try and be happy may seem like a selfish endeavor but it is actually a worthwhile goal to pursue not just for oneself but for our community.”

Moreover, Marc Sparks is deeply committed to the Habitat for Humanity and the American Can! Academy. He has personally exerted time and effort in building houses for the former while giving support to the latter in any way he can. Marc has a foundation as well that is known as Sparky’s Kids, and its role in the community is to provide thousands of computers to impoverished children.

How Vijay Eswaran Succeeded with QI Group

Business hardships can take any man down, but not Vijay Eswaran, an entrepreneur originating from India who has embraced all the rough roads in his entrepreneurial journey without stopping and been given the CEO of the Year award by the Malaysian Business Awards (MBA) in 2013.

What Is QI Group?

QI Group of Companies is a business empire that Vijay Eswaran has created along with a few skilled partners, and they have institutions located in various parts of the Asia-Pacific region. The kind of services that the corporation offers touches a wide range of industries for the reason that they started with direct selling and moved on to add logistics, financial management, luxurious accessories, real estate, and leisure in the fray. Now, they even have their university in Malaysia which they are planning to be the start of the QI City that makes eco-friendly transportation, among other things, available to its inhabitants.


How Did He Build The QI Group?

According to Vijay, the company could not have been made possible without the backing of real people whose business ideals were the same as his. At the time, he did not have enough funds to begin his entrepreneurial journey, and all he had was the support of his wife. The partnership he had allowed the direct selling concept to kick off, and it paved the way towards where he and his corporation is currently standing in.

What Makes Him Successful?

Apart from the right business choices he makes, Vijay Eswaran’s kindness to his employees is paying off well. Based on an interview he gave to a publication, he lives by the words that his father taught him as a kid – “Service about self.” This is what he has implemented within the offices and ingrained in the workers’ hearts and minds so that even though they are managing multinational establishments, it is as if they are still handling a small company where everyone knows and has mutual respect. According to Marianna Pogosyan Ph.D., “One reason behind the positive feelings associated with helping others is that being pro-social reinforces our sense of relatedness to others, thus helping us meet our most basic psychological needs.” He dedicated the achievement that he received from the MBA three years back to all the people he’s working with and said that his success is as good as theirs.

Final Thoughts

Marc Sparks and Vijay Eswaran may be playing in different fields, but there’s no hiding the truth that they are both hugely successful businessmen. It will be great if you can learn from them and start fulfilling your career goals. Good luck!