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for U. S. Congress

Candidate for Texas 6th Congressional District

Ruby Faye Woolridge for U. S. Congress
Candidate for Texas 6th Congressional District

I am seeking to represent Texas Congressional District 6 in the U.S. House of Representatives. The hardworking families of our district need a voice that will speak for them in the House and push for legislation that will move our district forward.

Big money should not continue to dominate our government, and the people need someone that will be their voice, not the voice of lobbyists, large corporations, and special interests. I believe our representatives should represent all of us, not just those from a single party or that can pay for the privilege.

As your representative, I will be that voice and be there for you every day in Washington. I will work with both parties in Congress to achieve results that benefit our district, and will not let partisanship make my decisions for me. The first question I will always ask before taking any action as your Congresswoman is: “How will this help the people back home?”. In particular, there are a few core beliefs that will drive those decisions:

Ruby Faye Woolridge Discussing
District 6 gerrymandering
with Texas Democratic Party
Executive Director Glenn Maxey.
  • We need term limits for our politicians. Incumbents who serve too long grow complacent and lose focus on their constituents. The times are always changing, and new perspectives and voices keep our government stronger and healthier.
  • We must ensure access to quality eduction for all students. A solid education is the foundation for success and prosperity, and American & Texan education is not where it should be in terms of quality and availability.
  • Our education system must produce graduates with a variety of skills, so our local economy can have access to the best and brightest. Both traditional academics and trade skills must be fostered, so students can follow their passion and our community will have a rich, diverse field of candidates for jobs.
  • Every American has a right to affordable health care, including mental health care. When we are all healthy, we all reap the benefits in greater productivity and quality of life.
  • Our senior citizens should not have to live in fear of losing benefits they have worked for and contributed to their entire lives. We must defend Social Security, not plunder it to pay for tax breaks.
  • Medicare and Medicaid care for our disabled and most disadvantaged citizens, including the majority of our beloved family members in nursing homes. We cannot allow their healthcare to be taken away to hand a payday to corporations and wealthy Americans at their expense.
  • Small business are what make our country great. We must strengthen them, and encourage opportunities for all small business owners so they can achieve the American Dream.
  • Our economy thrives when it is supported from the bottom up, not the top down. The economic engines are created by quality labor earning a living wage. The minimum wage must be increased now and periodically in the future to ensure a living wage for every hard working citizen as inflation rises.


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Texas 6th Congressional District

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