Election Information -- Date & Time, Locations, Application for Absentee Voting  



  • If you vote early check the early voting locations on your County’s website listed below.  You can vote at any of the early voting locations. Early voting is May 14th-18th.


  • If you vote on May 22nd, you must go to the specific voting location of your Precinct.  Your precinct is on your voter registration card or you can get it from the state website above.  You should be able to find the precinct voting location for your county on the websites below.  On May 22nd, Election Day, if you go to a location that is not your precinct you cannot vote there, your name will not be on the voter registration rolls for that precinct.


TARRANT COUNTY Election Administration           


ELLIS COUNTY Election Administration                    


NAVARRO COUNTY Election Administration           




NOTICE as of AUGUST 2016: To vote In Person all registered voters are required to present 1 of 7 approved forms of photo identification.  If unable to obtain one of the photo ID’s, you can fill out a declaration at the polls explaining why and bring one of the supporting documents.  Click below to see a full listing.



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